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Crashes and purchase/progress issues:

- Mac: "In-app purchase is not supported" message.

- Mac: "Game is damaged and can't be opened" message.

- The game crashes/freezes. What can I do?

- How can I synchronize my stats/purchases to another device?

- How can I get my purchases back?

- Purchase/restore fails. What can I do?

Game specific questions:

- I want more puzzles!

- Jigsaw Puzzles Epic: There are missing or extra pieces, or I can't move some of them?

- Jigsaw Puzzles Epic: How to rotate pieces, or change number of pieces?

- Jigsaw Puzzles Epic: How to delete puzzles, or hide/show puzzles?

- Sudoku Epic: Puzzle # can't be solved?

If you still are having problems with a game, please contact us!

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