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Kristanix Accounts Help

What is a Kristanix Account?

With an account you can play a game on several devices, and synchronize your progress across all devices. If you have an account, you can also use your account to restore your progress after you reset your device, or if you get a new device.

Note: Your current in-progress puzzles are not yet synced between devices, but all of your other progress and purchases are.

You can use the same account in other games made by Kristanix. Make sure you have the newest version of the game in order to create and use your Kristanix save account.

How do I use an account?

1.) Go to the Kristanix Account screen in the game. You can normally find this on the "Options" screen.
2.) Enter your e-mail address and select "Register". We then send you a password to your e-mail address. You are now logged into your new account.
3.) If you want to synchronize your progress to another device as well, log in to your new account using the same e-mail address and password on that device.
4.) Repeat step 3 on any new device, or if you delete and re-install the game.

I accidently entered the wrong e-mail address when registering:

1.) Go to the account screen (the one that says your account is active, and lists the e-mail address you entered).
2.) Select "Delete account".
3.) On the next screen, select "Delete account".
4.) Select "Yes" when asked to confirm. Your save progress will NOT be deleted by doing this.

The account is now deleted. Now, go back to the account screen again, and register with your correct e-mail address.

It doesn't synchronize to my other devices?

Make sure that you are logged in to your Kristanix save account on your devices. Tap on 'Options', then 'Kristanix save account', and make sure that it says you are active and logged in.

The game automatically loads the save at certain times, so you might not see the updates immediately the same minute on another device. If you leave the game, then re-open the game, it will then check your account and load your progress.

If you still don't see any updates, here's how you can force it to save & load:

1.) Tap on 'Options', then tap on 'Kristanix save account'.
2.) Tap on the white icon in the middle to force save (the up arrow). Tap on the white icon in the left corner to force load (the rotating arrow).
3.) Use the force save button on your device with the newest save, then on your other devices use the force load button to load the save there.

Does the account work in all your games?

Yes, the account works in all of our games. Make sure you have updated to the newest version of a game in order to get it.

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