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Mahjong Titan

Mahjong Titan is a free mahjongg matching game. This premium quality game is your perfect match for playing some relaxing Mahjong.

Mahjong Solitaire is one of the most popular board games in the world. The simple rules and relaxing game play means that anyone can enjoy a round of Mahjong Titan.

This free board game is also known as Mah Jong, Majong and Top Mahjong. In Mahjong Solitaire Titan you match pairs of identical Mahjongg tiles.


  • Over 1100 boards!
  • A new Mahjong board a day!
  • 5 large, high quality tile sets.
  • 8 backgrounds.
  • Optimized for portrait mode.
  • Fun goals to master.
  • 1080p HD Graphics.
  • Plus more!


Mahjong Titan Mahjong Titan Mahjong Titan Mahjong Titan


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