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Frequently Asked Questions for Word Search Epic

How do I pause the game?

The game will pause automatically whenever you leave/exit the game, or when showing a screen within the game, e.g. the "Options" screen.

Is there a way to reveal words I can't find?

Yes, tap the word you want to reveal in the bottom list 10 times. This works both for listed and hidden words.

The game crashes/freezes:

Turning off and re-starting your phone/tablet/computer will usually fix this, as it's probably due to your device temporarily being out of memory.

Purchase/restore fails:

Often temporary problems with the App Store can cause issues when purchasing/restoring. Please follow these steps:

1.) If you don't have an iPhone/iPad/Mac, go to step 2.

On iPhone/iPad/Mac, try to sign out and in of your App Store account. Open the "Settings" app and find "iTunes & App Store". Tap on your e-mail there, and choose "Sign out", then sign back in again.

2.) Power off your device completely by holding down the power button for a few seconds, turning it off. Then turning it back on.

3.) When it's back on, open the App Store, just to be sure it's up and running. Then press the "Home" button and open the game again and try to purchase/restore.

When purchasing, sometimes the following can cause issues as well: Expired credit card, not enough funds on gift card (or gift card does not allow In-App-Purchases), or In-App-Purchases are restricted/disabled on the "Settings" app.

If you still are having problems purchasing or restoring a purchase, please contact us!

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